How to clean leather shoes: some useful tips

Leather is delicate, and contact with the ground contributes to its deterioration. KD8 explains how to clean leather shoes to prolong their useful life.

Leather shoes and suede shoes should be treated with special care. When we do not use them for a while, the ideal is to store them in a place without direct sunlight and clean them regularly. Leather is a delicate material and loses color easily and, in the case of shoes, contact with the ground contributes to greater and faster deterioration.

shoes how to clean

Here are some simple steps you can follow frequently to prolong the life of your leather shoes. And, if you ever wondered how to clean suede shoes, these tips will be equally useful.

Always remember: Before performing any of these instructions on how to clean leather shoes, realized a test in a hidden or unseen place. And, if combination these methods with a commercial product, read and followed the label indications. We also suggest you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and find out exactly what type of leather your shoes are made of. If the leather is untreated, we recommend applying oil or special wax for shoes with a soft cloth or a special brush for leather shoes. In the same way, when cleaning suede, it is important to make sure that you have the right product before following the method described here, because, for example, there are shoes and boots that are more susceptible than others to water stains.

How to clean leather shoes: general care

You can keep your leather shoes in good condition if, after each use, do a moment to remove dust and other traces of dirt on the surface. For this task, you simply have to pass a dry microfiber cloth.


  • Once the dust and dirt have been eliminated, as we indicated above, pass a soft damp cloth all over the surface, without pressing too much, especially in the seams. Then let it dry.
  • With the help of a soft cloth, application a uniform amount of wax or oil suitable for leather shoes. It is important that you let the product be absorbed completely.
  • Be used a clean cloth to remove any excess wax or oil that may remain in the leather. Do not use the shoes in at least 24 hours, as the absorption of the product tends to be gradual.
  • In some leather shoes, such as the patent leather, you can apply vegetable oil with a dry cloth, which will return its original luster. However, it is recommended to test the product before application in a small, hidden area.
  • So how we recommend you to take care of your shoes regularly, we suggest that you also watch your clothes with excellent quality washing products. We recommend Skip liquid for all your washing, which will manage to leave your clothes clean, eliminating the balls of your garments.

As we clear before, cleaning leather is a delicate task and we must pay attention. Chamois cleaning also requires certain care, but with these tips will certainly be as new.

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3 Tips For Taking Care of Shoes For The Sport Walk

To enjoy the sport walk even more, it is essential to take care of the shoes. Not sure you know everything you need to take care of preserving shoes in good condition and long? We offer you 4 tips to take care of it after every exit!

1. After each exit, let your shoes breathe!

The internal insoles of all our shoes are removable. After each exit, we recommend that you remove them to dry them in the open air.

Then, open the shoe flap completely to allow moisture to escape. It’s the first thing to do to prevent the formation of bad smells and to better treat the shoes!

In this way, you will be able to ensure the formation of unpleasant odors and the inconveniences of perspiration of your feet during the next exit!

2. To clean the upper of the shoes

The upper of the shoes is located above the sole. The KD8 shoes for the sports walk are mesh, an aerated material that allows the feet to breathe by evacuating the sweat during the exit.

Avoid washing in the washing machine: washing shoes for the sporty walk in the washing machine damages the soles and deteriorates the mesh of the shoes. Only the strings can be washed in the washing machine.

The mesh is a synthetic component, then to clean the upper of the shoes: it uses a sponge moistened with lukewarm water and little soap, after having removed the strings of the shoes. Then leave to dry for 1 day, tucking inside the shoe of the newspaper to absorb the moisture. Is enough:

Do not let the shoes dry near a heat source: letting the shoes dry near a heating, or with the help of a hair dryer, you are likely to change the shape of the depriving shoes so all the comfort.

3. To clean the outer soles

The sports walk, like Nordic walking, is a sport that is practiced outdoors. After an exit to the park, in contact with nature, it is not unusual to come back with the soles full of mud, grass or pebbles!

Before you rush to wash your shoes, let them dry: you’ll avoid dirtying the upper too.

  • Once dry, whisk the insoles between them in the open, to remove most of the land and pebbles.
  • With the help of a brush, remove the dirt and the last pebbles embedded in the bending grooves of the soles.
  • Clean the soles with a sponge moistened with lukewarm water and a little soap.

Finally, do not forget that, like you, even the shoes for the sporty walk need to rest: the cushioning of the shoes needs to resume the initial shape to maintain its own efficacy. Ideally, you have to use a second pair of shoes for the sport walk while the first one finds all the freshness thanks to our tips!

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How To Take Care of Your Shoes

A nice pair of shoes must accompany us in the various moments of our life and, depending on the occasion, we will choose the most suitable one. It is essential and necessary to treat them regularly in order to keep them always clean and comfortable, so that their efficiency can last over time. Here are some things that will help you take care of your shoes without too much effort. This guide is suitable for all types of shoes (leather, suede, etc.) and you will see how little is enough and how easy it is to keep them in order. Find time to devote to your shoes and you will see how your image and your feet will thank you!

brown leather boots with shoe maintenance set

Be gentle

When your shoes get dirty, avoid cleaning them with too much pressure because this could ruin the color or even the material of the shoe (paint or leather). Often the shoes, especially if not high quality, are colored with opaque colors that could be ruined if too pressed and could come away easily, ruining the shoe. As a result, simply caress them with a damp cloth. Generally it is better to waterproof the shoe, so as to break it up and prevent it from penetrating the water on rainy days: on the market there are many waterproofing sprays, which with a simple application guarantee water resistance for a long time.

Baking soda, water and vinegar for heavy duty shoes

For pretty durable shoes You can use an old trick: if you have water or snow spots, you can use bicarbonate and, in fact, applying a small amount and rubbing with a cloth or a brush, the stain will disappear easily. For salt stains, instead, you can use water and vinegar, rubbing on the stained surface.

Sneakers and Leather

For sneakers shoes, which have a rubber part in addition to the fabric one, to eliminate the black spots present above all towards the sole, you can use a creamy degreaser, rubbing carefully with a cloth or a sponge. For stains on the fabric, however, you can also try washing in the washing machine, using a program of short duration, delicate, at low temperatures and possibly including the centrifuge that could ruin the shoes. Once washed, let them dry in the air, but in the shade (the sun fades), perhaps with newsprint inserted inside. For leather shoes, if there are stains, you must use the shoe polish, applying it with a brush or a cloth over the entire shoe. After this step, with a brush, rub them until they become shiny.

Suede and cloth

For suede shoes, you need to use a special rubber that can be easily found in almost all hypermarkets. This special product will allow you to remove the stain by rubbing it over. Furthermore, it is important to know that these shoes are much more particular to treat than others, so you will need some extra precautions. For cloth shoes, however, you can resort to washing in the washing machine, as mentioned previously, or you can clean with special spraying sprays.

Final Tips

One of the basic precautions, regardless of the type of shoe you decide to wear, is to change shoes every day, in fact the foot gives off moisture that the shoe absorbs, ruining the bill over time and causing bad smell. The use of an insole limits its absorption, but it is important to remove it from the shoe to make it dry and “rest” in the air. Moreover, after washing the shoes, do not let them dry near heat sources (for example the radiator), because it could harden and deform them, ruining them. In conclusion, it does not matter what kind of shoes you use daily, but the important thing is to always take care of them, keep them clean constantly, use the cleansing tricks of this guide that best suit the material of your shoes and keep them in time, for better performance, a more beautiful appearance and greater comfort for your feet! Good cleaning!

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What Do Basketball and Food Service Jobs Have in Common?

The sport of basketball can teach you many life lessons and skills – not only physically but also mentally and even emotionally. Likewise, a good job in the service industry presents its own set of challenges that will help you refine your people skills, and many times these jobs are also quite active, so you tend to get some exercise during the process as well.

Playing any sport professionally and performing a job are similar duties because, as you know, professional athletes put in a lot of work to maintain their skills and physique. Likewise, employees at Greggs are well-trained professionals in their own way, and more specifically, here are a few things food service workers and basketball players have in common:

1. The Need for Comfortable Shoes

Although working at a fast food retailer like Greggs won’t have you pulling off the same kind of high-speed crossovers and athletic manoeuvres that you’d see from the likes of KD himself, the long shift hours and constant back and forth means that the shoes need to be very comfortable and durable. Likewise, just as basketball shoes are designed to provide maximum traction on the court, restaurant shoes also are required to have non-slip soles.

2. Thinking Fast on Your Feet

People aren’t exactly running full speed on a restaurant floor, but the brisk pace is enough to have you constantly thinking during a busy shift, just as every player on the court has to be tuned in at all times during an intensely competitive game. A simple lapse in memory or judgement could result in an unsatisfied customer, or in the case of a basketball player – a turnover or botched play. This would certainly lead to the dissatisfaction of the coach and players. Furthermore, the  challenge of prioritising customers’ needs is a lot like the challenge of choosing who to pass the ball to.

3. Floor Awareness

In the restaurant industry it’s called “floor awareness,” and in the league it’s called “court vision,” but when you really think about it – the two are one in the same. Servers have to be able to anticipate the needs of patrons by paying attention to drink levels, mannerisms, plates, table cleanliness, and other factors. Likewise, a basketball player has to anticipate the movements of their teammates and opponents, often times out of the corner of their eye, much like a waiter noticing a customer’s hand in the air .

A Team Effort Towards a Goal

Finally, one additional way the restaurant industry is a lot like basketball is because all of the servers, managers, hosts and hostesses, cooks, and other staff members working together with the common goal of satisfying customer. This is much like the way an NBA team works together to score each and every basket on the court. As a side note, it is worth pointing out that the manager of a restaurant plays a very similar role to the coach and the general manager of a basketball team, guiding the direction of the squad overall and making sure certain plays and procedures are adhered to every time they are on the floor.

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How to Choose Best Futsal Shoes

Who likes to play futsal? This exciting sports activity is usually cultivated by men, although there are also women who like it. If you routinely play futsal with friends, or if you are a professional futsal player, of course you should use futsal shoes whose quality is good and right for you.

Because, if futsal shoes are chosen carelessly, fear that they might not be comfortable. Worse, it could be that shoes that don’t fit actually hurt you. Don’t let it happen, okay? Therefore, we will tell you 7 ways to choose the best quality futsal shoes and of course suitable for you.

1. Pay attention to the Material of the Shoe

The first thing to consider in how to choose good futsal shoes is the material. There are four materials commonly used to make futsal shoes, which are leather, imitation leather, carbon, and fabric. According to shoe experts, the best material for futsal shoes is carbon fiber.

Why? Because carbon fiber is strong, lightweight, flexible, and has good air circulation. Review of futsal shoes users from carbon fiber material feel comfortable and become more agile when being “combat” in the field. While the material of futsal shoes that should be avoided is imitation leather because it is less comfortable to wear and more easily damaged.

Read more tips here: qq online

2. Choosing Upper Material

Upper or upper back shoes are the next important factor that you should think about before buying futsal shoes. Like a romantic relationship, comfort is what you need to look for in a futsal shoe, rather than the physical appearance and color.

Therefore, when a sports shoe brand issues futsal shoes, it is usually written “upper leather” or “upper synthetic”. For comfort and quality, of course, the upper of genuine leather is much better than the synthetic one.

3. Shoe Top Design

After researching the upper material, you also need to consider the upper design in how to choose futsal shoes. Especially if you are in the shooter position, upper shoe is a “place” for shooting, right? Choose futsal shoes whose upper shape is the most fitting for you to make movements in futsal.

4. Rear Shoe Design

In addition to the upper design, the design of the back of the shoe is also important, you know! The point behind the design is not a picture or accessories, yes, but the design of the footing. The heel is one of the most important parts of the foot in futsal, and it is not uncommon for people to get injured because it is not quite right when standing.

Therefore, you must have futsal shoes with good heel designs. Starting from the flexibility, thickness, until the number of layers in the heel must be right.

5. Seams and Soles

The way to choose the 5th futsal shoe is to see the stitching of the shoe. Choose shoes that have neat seams to make them last longer. Even if you buy shoes from a well-known brand, you still have to check the seams, afraid that something will come loose. Another thing to consider is shoe soles.

Sol is the sole of the foot. Hence, soles must be made of flexible, strong, soft material, and can absorb sweat well. Choose futsal shoes whose soles are rather thick so they don’t hurt when you stand firmly on the ground. Also adjust the soles of futsal shoes with the type of field you normally go to.

Most futsal fields in Indonesia, if not using an ordinary floor, use synthetic grass. Choose shoes with insoles that have pull (bulge) if you are often into the futsal court with synthetic grass.

6. Leg Shape

The shape of each person’s feet are not the same. You should get to know your own foot shape and then look for shoes that are most suitable for your feet. There are two types of futsal shoes, namely Wide-Fit and Slim-Fit. Approximately which type of shoes are you more suitable for?

7. Shoe size

Not only futsal shoes, in choosing any shoe the size must be right. But, the right size for futsal shoes does not mean very fitting like when you buy sneakers.

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