Nike and Kevin Durant Present KD8 Shoes

Out for most of the last season for an injury (not seen on the parquet since 19 February last) Kevin Durant prepares for the new Year presenting the eighth edition of the line of shoes born from the collaboration between the player of Oklahoma City Thunder and the Nike. The winner of the Rookie of the Year in 2008 and the most Valuable Player in 2014 surpassing LeBron James and Blake Griffin, unveiled KD8 ‘s, the most innovative model of the entire collection.

Completely renewed, the KD8 present the Flywire technology (similar to the technology introduced in 2013 with the KOBE 9) that allows to improve its performance in flexibility, versatility but above all comfort. The design of the shoe is inspired by the tattoo of the tiger that KD has on the calf and presents a range of spectacular colors.

Combined with KD8 There is also an entire collection of performance apparel. A model that fits the characteristics of Kevin Durant, 206 cm high and able to play mainly as a small wing, but occasionally can also cover the role of the big wing. This model guarantees the strength but also the possibility to have freedom in the movements on the parquet with extreme agility just what characterizes the game of Durant. Looking forward to seeing him on the parquet with the new KD8, Kevin Durant recently wanted to comment on the rumors about his future: “I love staying here (in Oklahoma city), I love my classmates and I love the city. I really can’t think of going to another place. I often hear rumors about my future and every time you feel this kind of indiscretion, you ask yourself questions. But as far as I’m concerned, I love being here right now and I’m one of those people who would love to stay in one team for the whole career. If I think of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and their history with their teams… it’s a great thing. But you never know what you reserve the future and what companies think of you after a long time you’re on the roster, but I love being where I am and would love to see my jersey retreating here. ”

The KD8 is also available on NIKEiD. The version KD8 July 4th will be available from 27th June in limited edition. The KD8 V8 version will be released on July 11th.

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How to wash your sports shoes by eliminating unpleasant odors

There’s nothing to do: as much as we’re careful, there are times of the year when our sports shoes, like the ones to run, inevitably end up stinking. of smell of feet, most of the time, if not even of mildew. Yes, we know that you always have to dry them well, maybe putting in a few sheets of newspaper that absorbs sweat and moisture, but when for example uses that rain, and then continues to rain but it is June and the radiators are off and the shoes remain moist if not f Root at the end stink in an unbearable way, of feet and mildew precisely.

How to wash shoes by removing odors?

Not in the washing machine, of course, that is a mistake to never commit (we put the basket of the washing machine and put back the shoes, with high temperatures and detergents that attack upper, midsole and sole and soon goodbye shoes). After trying a little (bicarbonate, cat litter inside a sock tucked inside the shoe, just to put it a couple) the best solution is the bleach. Yes, the bleach, the feared remedy of grandma, the one that scares because it could discolor the whole thing and no, it really works.

Now, we need a textbook explanation of chemistry. The odor in the shoes is given by bacteria, and the only way to eliminate the odor, of sweat or mildew, is to eliminate the bacteria. And the bacteria do not die leaving the shoes in the sun but Ammazzandoli own. To take out the bacteria responsible for the bad odors of the shoes basically serves the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is nothing but oxygenated water. And where is the hydrogen peroxide? Exactly: in the bleach. Just read the label: The bleach, even the so-called “delicate” contains in fact the active oxygen that is nothing but oxygenated water.

How to wash shoes with bleach

Also here the answer is not in the washing machine, but by hand. The best method is to fill a bowl with hot water, add the bleach and put on the shoes “upside down”, or with the sole floating and the upper soaking. You can let it soak for a few hours, or a whole night, then you have to rinse them very, very well with fresh water and without detergents (there are also those who try the washing machine at 30 °c but we have not ventured) and then to dry well in the open air, better if in a Sunny and breezy day.

For us it is the best way (at least with technical sports shoes in synthetic material, not for those in leather or suede trekking beads which we never made the attempt). What method do you use to wash your sports shoes and also eliminate bad odors?

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Walking and Walk Shoes: How to choose the most suitable?

Walking, or a fast walk or a sporty walk, is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. In addition to knowing the correct technique of walking and the advice to walk and lose weight in a really effective, it is also important to know how to choose the shoes best suited to the practice of this real sporting activity.

To the question on which shoes to use to make walking the answer is first of all that you have to avoid shoes that are not specific for the sport walk: The trekking shoes, the sneakers and also the running shoes have all some features not recommended for The practice of fast walking. In order to explain all its benefits The walking assumes a very precise support of the foot on the ground for which is recommended a very precise type of shoe.

In the sport walk is fundamental the roll of the foot: the contact to the ground takes place with the heel, even vigorously, and then continues with a movement called “buffer” through which the foot faces a complete snare pushing up to the fingertips. For this reason they need shoes that have a sole with a more “blunt” heel to allow an impact of the heel on the ground with a more accentuated angle: running shoes are not suitable because they provide a different support of the foot on the ground (which We have explained here); The trekking shoes to go in the mountains are usually too rigid and structured to allow an effective snare of the foot; And the sneaker do not normally provide sufficient protection against impact, exposing to the risks of traumatic and tendonitis.

Always from the complete rolling movement of the foot to the ground depend also on the characteristics of the sole proper which must foresee a greater number of grooves than the running shoes (more “t” horizontal mean more Flexibility) and a tread with rubber particularly resistant to abrasion given by vigorous contact with the ground.

The characteristic instead in common between a specific shoe for walking and running shoes is the upper, which in both cases must be of technical transpiring material, to prevent sweat stagnating in the foot, and maybe even water repellent if you think of practice the sport walk even in winter or with bad weather.

But so what are the specific shoes for walking?? er example, the Asics Gel Zara (Runner’s World has defined them as “ideals as a model for approaching running from the interesting technical content and competitive price. Suitable for fit walking and long walks “) you can buy at a price that varies from 50 to 80 euros depending on the version: here all models and colors; Or the Reebok Easytone, both for men and women, specific for walking (they are here, even at a discounted price). Here is the novelty of the 2017 between running and jogging shoes, even for walking.

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6 tips to keep fit by walking

Walking is without a doubt the easiest way to keep fit. Not by chance The WHO recommends to walk for at least 10000 steps a day, a quantity and a distance (of about 7km) can guarantee some beneficial effects such as cardiovascular wellbeing, health of bones and tendons and body weight control. But despite appeals, advice and scientific studies that invite you to walk more during the day to achieve this minimum goal of activity, for many it is however complicated to think of walking at least 1 hour a day between when you leave the house at Morning to when you return to your home walls in the evening.

This is why more and more people consider walking as a real fitness session, to be performed regularly during lunch or in the evening, before dinner, especially during the summer when the hours of daylight increase. But walking in the sense of walking is not enough to keep yourself really fit, especially if the time available is limited, and then here is that you need to do virtues, maximizing the results of the time available, maybe following these 6 simple Tricks
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Walking the right way

And what is the right way? Definitely the one that takes into account the biomechanics of the walk. Meanwhile the position must be naturally upright, without leaning forward, with shoulders relaxed, the chest slightly out and the abdominals a little contracted. The trick to do this? Keep your head upright looking straight at 100 feet by itself.
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Involve the whole body in the act of walking

Yes, walking is not just a matter of legs. A fitness walk also involves the movement of the arms, with the hands open and relaxed, the elbows slightly bent and the arms that oscillate alternately to the legs passing beside the also, which remain always loose and relaxed. Even the way you rest your feet counts: the first contact with the ground takes place with the heel and then the foot performs a nice complete snare coming to push up to the fingertips. To be able to do this without pain or inflammation it is important to have a pair of shoes suitable for walking.
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Focus on the act of walking

At least at the beginning, at least from time to time, it is good to concentrate on the act of walking, checking up from head to toe on the correct position on the walk. Of course, walking is also a nice way to look around and enjoy the nature and landscape, especially out of town, but every now and then look inside is useful to get back on track.
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Walking at the right speed

One account is to walk blandly, different is walking to keep fit: To get the most from the point of view of cardiovascular benefits, toning and even calories burned would be good to walk at a speed slightly higher than The normal one, plus or minus 6 km/h. How do you know how fast you walk? There are excellent smart trackers and fitness wristbands like these, useful free apps to install on your phone or just choose a fixed path, calculate the distance and then measure the time. Rather, better a short quick walk than a long slow: see the point below.
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Walking the right time

The right walking time does not mean walking long, and equally it is better 10 minutes a day at good speed for 5 days a week than 50 ′ lenses once a week. If you are starting from the sofa, or from a poor physical form, the ideal would be to make 10 ′ to 20 ′ a day, every day (or at least 5 out of 7) lengthening a few minutes the daily time week after week. When you get to walk at a good pace for half an hour or more it means that you have already reached a good level of form and for example you can think of moving on to something more challenging: if not just the running at least one form of workout at intervals.
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Walking Alternating The rhythm

It is the first step towards the world of interval training, the training that alternates intense phases of work at phases blade of recovery from the effort. You can also do this by walking, for example alternating a few minutes at a speed that is almost close to that of a soft corset at a few minutes of a milder pace (but not slow in absolute). Or you can do what the cyclists call eat and drink: Look for ascents and descents, whether they are hillocks, or maybe an urban path that foresees a few bridges or overpasses or at least stairs. It benefits from the heart but also the muscles, especially legs and buttocks (there will be a reason if they invented the step when there were stairs, no?)

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All the benefits of trekking

Yes, you know very well that walking is a simple and natural movement that our body needs to do routinely to maintain good health. It would be good to walk every day at least thousand steps, as the World Health Organization suggests, or to take and go to the mountains to make trekking, an activity within everyone’s reach, in contact with nature and the many benefits for physical health and Mental.

Trekking improves the outward appearance and muscular tone of legs and buttocks; It sprays muscle fibres and strengthens the joints, maintaining a high degree of elasticity of tendons and ligaments; It keeps bones healthy by counteracting osteoporosis.

When practised with telescopic sticks, which allow for greater stability in downhill, trekking also has beneficial effects on the muscles of the arms and the upper part of the body.

It is an effective anti-stress: walking In the midst of nature breathing clean air causes the body to produce so-called welfare hormones, endorphin and serotonin.

It also stimulates positive feelings among people, creating a climate of solidarity and sharing in dealing with the difficulties of the journey.

Walking in the mountains also allows you to burn calories and consume excess fat, helping to maintain or regain the shape weight.

Trekking regularly improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, promotes the elasticity of blood vessels and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It brings important benefits to the respiratory system, increasing the frequency of respiratory acts and producing a better oxygenation of tissues. All in an environment where the air is not polluted.

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